Advanced Engineering Building, University of Brighton

Project Description

Bespoke perforated gold anodised cladding panels supplied by IMAR SA from Ortuella Spain, mounted on Kingspan KS1100WLD wall liner support system.

There is 1500m2 of Danosa 1.2mm RVF Single Ply on the roof.

This was possibly one the most challenging projects undertaken by the company which required working in a small space between two existing University buildings. Precise design and scheduling was required to ensure that the special panels which were required to wrap around all four corners of the building including doors and soffit areas were delivered to the site to match the fixing programme. It was essential that the holes in each panel would fit exactly and line up with the holes in the adjacent panel. This was achieved and has provided a stunning building for the University.

Project Details

Client Graham Construction Limited

Date 2017

Value £717k

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